Eat Local, Drink Wine, Nap:  Live Longer

See below that science has proven that Greek islanders live longer.  With this page you will learn how to live that lifestyle wherever you are.  It includes articles that I have written on the subject as well as content curated from other sources.

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Up close and personal with an archeological dig--is that your idea of romance and adventure like in all the stories?  Read how to do it at this blog post

Wherever you journey you will get the most from the experience by enjoying the local food and drink.  Everything tastes better when you are happy and relaxed.  Read more at   Taste the Place, Greek Island Wine

Also we have a villa to rent in Aliki, Paros that includes olive oil and vegetables grown on the premises.  Greek island villas

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    I will begin with the conclusion.  Those persons who live happy, healthy and long lives have found the ability--whether by accident of birth, education or the joy of travel--to balance the important elements of their lives.  In other words lead an integrated lifestyle.  The subtopics below will elaborate on this idea.  Here is a link to an extensive scientific study that supports a similar idea.

    Sophia Loren 1965

    I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size zero.” Sophia Loren 1965.


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    Read this short article in which I relate various scientific studies to my Greek island life and discuss the all important ingredient:  attitude.  I quote myself:

    "Not everyone wants to live on a Greek isle but each person can chose to create an environment in which each aspect reinforces the others: time for naps, time to seek out and prepare local seasonal foods, time to enjoy the activities around you. All of these will give you more quality time on earth."


    I am rather proud of this article that makes a strong case that the pursuit of pleasure leads to success in all of your endeavors.

    Now I will conclude with the conclusion from that article:  For those who think the pursuit of pleasure to advance one's success is too selfish I refer you to:

    "Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek."          --Dalai Lama XIV


    Here is an idea you may find interesting:  Pilgrimage in the Facebook Era

    Medical Tourism

    Bad things do happen to good people who are living well.  With medical tourism you can make the best of it.  My introduction to the subject is HERE


    Happiness for health

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