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We provide international travel advice and personalized travel guides for Ireland, Greece and Czech Republic . . . plus a lot of other services as well.  Enjoy browsing our websites!

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Travel Advisory

Up close and personal with an archeological dig--is that your idea of romance and adventure like in all the stories?  Read how to do it at this blog post

Wherever you journey you will get the most from the experience by enjoying the local food and drink.  Everything tastes better when you are happy and relaxed.  Read more at   Taste the Place, Greek Island Wine

Also we have a villa to rent in Aliki, Paros that includes olive oil and vegetables grown on the premises.  Greek island villas

Antiparos Cross Channel Swim start

Recent Events

We try to keep up with interesting events in our three blogs:

  • Greece
  • Prague
  • Ireland

    Our Services

    Hopefully this page will be expanding as we do more for Prague and Ireland.  If you would like help  in either of these areas, please contact us

    Elsewhere I talk about providing travel advice and answering questions.


    We rent private villas on Paros:  Paros villa rentals

    We host workshops for artists and hobbyists:  Workshops

    We provide logistics for college study abroad programs:  Learning and Reflection

    We publish a guide to the major sites of ancient Greece:

    We assemble the latest news about the Greek island lifestyle


    We host plein air painting tours

    We suggest customized itineraries for Ireland:  Ireland itinerary

    We publish a personalized guide to enjoying Ireland year around: Ireland Blog

    We provide curated content for fans of Ireland

    Czech Republic

    Our photo journal essays allow you to vicariously experience our city adventures as well as expeditions to outlying towns.

    In other words see Prague and the Czech Republic through our eyes.

    Catch up on the latest from the internet about Prague and CZ

    Contact us for speciality tours such as Christmas markets or craft beers.

    Central Europe

    We have used Prague as a base to travel to several other nearby countries as well.  See our personalized travel guides.

    Every Where

    Advice for those considering relocating abroad and international car rentals

    We are learning to use to collate and share items of interest found on the internet.  Check out this topic of interest:

    Eat Local, Drink Wine, Nap:  Live Longer

    We have also pinned some great photos and graphics on Pinterest


    At Home Evenings:  English language TV can be quite sketchy but internet streaming can be worked out satisfactory.  Check out if Amazon Prime is available at your location.

    Our alternative is to play cards after dinner nearly every evening and we do a lot of reading, a whole lot of reading in fact.  We are still old fashioned enough to prefer the look and feel of books.  Yet we have friends who are world travelers who swear by Kindle and other electronic readers mainly due to the ease of getting the books that they want when they want.  It is easier to find an internet connection than an English language book store or to deal with shipping books to your current location.

    By the way we may earn commissions from ads you click on our site.  Thank you for your support.  Specifically, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


    For those in the USA check out our favorite book store.  And/or our home base USA

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    Our experience will enhance your experience!

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