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We have traveled world wide for many years.  This travel tips page will highlight what we have learned for smart travel.  You will also find leads to travel forums and travel deals.

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Travel Advisory

Up close and personal with an archeological dig--is that your idea of romance and adventure like in all the stories?  Read how to do it at this blog post

Wherever you journey you will get the most from the experience by enjoying the local food and drink.  Everything tastes better when you are happy and relaxed.  Read more at   Taste the Place, Greek Island Wine

Also we have a villa to rent in Aliki, Paros that includes olive oil and vegetables grown on the premises.  Greek island villas

Antiparos Cross Channel Swim start

Recent Events

We try to keep up with interesting events in our three blogs:

  • Greece
  • Prague
  • Ireland
  • Tips from Other Travelers

    "Be not afraid. Most are there to help, not to harm.  Be not judgmental. It’s not wrong, it’s just different.  Be not an ass. Remember, you are a guest." by Man on the Lam as quoted in Wandering Educators

    Tips on Thailand

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    See our academic program tailored to your needs.

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    Our Bucket List

    We made our first trip to Europe in 1984, I think.  Ever since we have fantasized about taking a walking trip of the kind that your luggage is transported to the next inn or B & B for you.  So all you do is hike along the trails and footpaths to your next destination.  We have had many travel adventures, but not this one, yet.

    Two companies that specialize in such walking and biking tours are Inntravel and Alternative Travel Group.

    China Travel Guide

    A visit to China is also high on our list.  Click on the link above for a comprehensive China travel site.
    Or the one below for

    China Tour Service

    Self Catering Villas in Mojacar Spain

    See a selection of holiday villas, apartments and holiday homes to rent in Spain direct from their owners.


    General & Specific

    What is your travel question?

    I have written many articles and tips before and do not want to duplicate that information here.  As I find new ideas, tips and tricks I will put them on this page.

    We do receive a lot of questions and comments about international travel; where to go and what to see and do.  Please don't hesitate to write with your specific question or comment.  That excludes anything along the lines of "Where is the best place in the world to visit?"  That type of question drives travel advisors on the forums crazy.  We don't know your background, experience, interests, style, budget etc..  So do elaborate on your situation when asking questions.

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    Two very good forums are sponsored by Lonely Planet and TripAdviser.

    The links below and on our other websites will answer questions about expatriate health, medical and travel insurance, banking, international finances, overseas jobs and the like.  We also have pages for those interested in international volunteer opportunities and work from home internet jobs. going to spend more than two days in one location it is best to rent an apartment or condo instead of a hotel.  FlipKey is a good place to browse the alternatives:  Greece Villa Rentals   


    Be inspired

    We collaborated with several other travel writers to produce Top 34 Best Road Trip Books:  Highest Rated Travel-Related Books

    Find the list, descriptions and stories HERE


    Know before you go

    Local Festivals & Art

    We always recommend doing a little research on a locality before visiting.  Yet we find we get more out of extensive reading after we have been.

    Two things that I always look for are local festivals and art exhibitions.  I grew up in the small community of Aloha, Oregon, USA so small town events remind me of my youth.  You can always meet interesting people at art openings, especially fellow expats.  Watch local TV.  FilmOn has channels from nearly everywhere.  Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are popular now days as well.   Another tip is to search your destination name +Fun Facts   Here's a tidbit not available in most guide books.  Attend a pig slaughter festival.  These are on their way out.  Read about the Charm of a Pig Festival


    Do something

    Workshops, Classes, Seminars, Activity Holidays

    Whatever you call them local visitor guides can arrange anything to match your interests. hobby,  or vocation.

    This long list just scratches the surface.  What do you want to do or learn before you get run over by a bus?

      --garden tours --art appreciation discussions --traditional music and dancing --horseback riding --cycling --shopping --sailing --pub crawls --gourmet dining --genealogy research --fishing --photography --yoga --pilates --meditation --massage --jewellery making --creative writing --oil painting --water color --travel journals --mosaics

    For example check out our Greek island activities

    We hope to do the same kind of personal, custom events for Ireland and Prague.  Please write with your interest.

    Also we package custom  programs for school and church groups on a limited budget.  With emphasis on learning ancient and local history.

    New Survey Shows College Graduates Who Study Abroad Land Career-Related Jobs Sooner, with Higher Starting Salaries


    Family Travel

    Family travel with young children has many challenges but the rewards are well worth the trials and tribulations.  In fact it is those difficult moments that produce superior family bonding as well as character growth for the children.

    Personally the stongest families I know are those that frequently travel.  Including those that live and work abroad.

    Here is a link to an extensive article by LoveHolidays that elaborates on this theme:


    Anxiety Disorder

    At first look this subject does not belong here.  Google might even consider it not relevant, but I do.  I have collected a fair amount of information about various anxiety disorders such as social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. There are many news items and articles about getting help and finding the right therapist.  All of which make me laugh.

    If you suffer from anxiety, you are living and working in the wrong place--move.  There, I have solved your problem.  Please send me a donation or buy something from one of my advertisers.

    Travelers, expats, world nomads, whatever you call those of us who live where we choose don't have anxiety-- to the level of a disorder anyway.  We have problems, worries and difficulties.   The concept of making your own life choices is incompatible with phobia, I believe.  Of course I may be prejudiced by the fact I developed this idea while living on the gigantic marble crystal known as Paros.


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    Amazon has developed new DIY project guides that highlight the tools you need for home improvement.  The one I thought was particularly appropriate for travelers is Smart Home for Travelers It includes tips for smart lighting, remote accessible webcams and more to make your home secure while you are away.



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