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Also we have a villa to rent in Aliki, Paros that includes olive oil and vegetables grown on the premises.  Greek island villas

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  • bowl of cherries Neruda quote painting

    Greek version of:  "I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees."  --Pablo Neruda

    In looking through some old photos I came across this one from the wall of Levantis in Parikia, Paros, Greece.  This fine dining under the sky restaurant is still going strong after many years but the painting has been replaced by a modern art version.  I am sentimental though and still envision the place as it was for so many special occasions that we celebrated there.  I even took one of our art workshop groups there for their farewell dinner -- photo below.

    But this post is not meant to be a restaurant review, rather it is a celebration of life – of the lifestyle and longevity that I frequently write about.  In other words my sentimentality over this art work and the quote it symbolizes seemed a good way to re-introduce many of my past posts . . .

    Michael & Karin with reward watercolor

    Our hospitality rewarded with a Crystal Beshara watercolor


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